Charging Operation Management&Monitoring System 2018-12-06T18:34:10+00:00

Our Highlights

Leading technology

Multiple service models

Quick response

International user sharing

Standard service free

Multiple service models

SaaS platform hosting service, whose access fee is free.

Cloud platform customization, which customers have independent platform without investing in development costs. Besides, operating costs are reducing.

Private deployment with data local storage backup and higher security.

Source code customized service with functional autonomy extension.

Benefits for CPOs (Charging Point Operators)

  • Increase the number of charging times and the utilization rate of charging piles.

  • Reduce platform investment and operation costs.

  • Different pricing for each charging point through the platform.

  • Innovate business model, and additional revenue accelerates investment back.

  • The open platform meets CEC unified standards for easy access.

Benefits for OEMs & EMPs (eMobility Service Providers)

  • Access to all charging stations via a central interface.

  • Get real-time information about status and availability of charging points (e.g. navigation systems and maps).

  • Innovate business model to create an eMobility ecosystem.

  • New advertising/marketing channels.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Advanced embedded, intelligent and modular hardware.

  • Reduce platform investment and operation costs.

  • Supervise equipment comprehensively and make intelligent operation and maintenance.

Benefits for Local government

  • Through the unified platform, the charging facilities information can be uploaded in real time to realize real-time monitoring and warning. Government can understand comprehensively the actual layout and usage of each charging pile.

  • Data can be analyzed and visualized on the platform to help analyze industry trends, user behavior and overall operation performance, and provide data decision support for urban new energy development and related industry layout.

  • In addition, explore Internet + value-added services, innovate business models, and promote the healthy development of new energy vehicles and charging facilities.

Benefits for Commercial estate

  • Innovate property management services to enhance brand influence.

  • New service bring new revenue sources.

  • Property unified management and billing improve service levels.

  • Highly uniform brand consistency improve property standards.

  • Mobile preservation and payment bring unattended operation.

  • Cooperate with power capacity dispatching for balanced and efficient electricity use.

Platform feature list